Hello, my name is George, Like a few people out there, I knew I needed to lose some unwanted pounds/kilos and get a lower body fat percentage but I did not realize how bad it was until I saw my reflection in a large window. I was shocked beyond belief. I immediately thought that some BIG fat guy, had stolen my head. WOW! It was obvious that I needed to do something about it, NOW!  There was no way that I was going to let this problem get to me.

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There are quite a few weight loss programs and regimes out there. Thousands in fact. There are so many out there and it can be quite daunting to an average joe like me. I needed something that was easy to follow, made sense and was long term. I needed a lifestyle change that did not completely change the way I lived. I made my living operating machinery and that involves a lot of sitting down. I know a lot of you out there do the same thing, whether it is in an office or plain just not enough physical activity on the job. In this situation a person seems to eat more, not less. Usually it’s junk food because it doesn’t take a lot of effort or much preparation time.

If you care to bear with me for a moment or two, I think I can save you a lot of wasted time researching these weight loss programs on how to lower body fat percentage I can also tell you what benefits you can get out of the Fat Burning Furnace, as well as giving you an insight on what I didn’t like about the program.


  1.  60 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked)
  2.  Inexpensive
  3.  Easy To Follow
  4.  A Ton of Good information
  5.  Immediate Delivery (just down load it)
  6. It Is a Long Term Program (Designed To Positively Change Your Lifestyle)
  7. For Any Age and Gender
  9.  Eat Good Quality Foods

Find out how you can learn to lose weight and get a lower body fat percentage with the Fat Burning Furnace.

After examining many different programs, it’s hard to find a downside to this program at all.

The only downside for me is that I didn’t find it sooner. I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, and it’s my biggest regret to date, that I never found the right solution.


I found Fat Burning Furnace. It is very comprehensive and easy to follow. In a matter of weeks you can be like me, enjoying life again and reaping the benefits.

So don’t hesitate, click the link and find out for yourself. It could be the best decision you’ll ever make. A new you is just a clickaway. A LOWER BODY FAT PERCENTAGE IS POSSIBLE!



When you are involved in a lot of physical activity (work or exercise) you burn a lot of calories. Therefore, you can eat more. The problems is, when you stop working and/or your lifestyle changes a person usually needs to cut down on consumption. Now, if you are like me, that has been a problem. Not burning these calories anymore sends them on a direct flight to exactly where you don’t want or need them.

When you apply the Burning Furnace Furnace concept you will learn how to cut back and not be hungry. You will also feel full and satisfied with the food suggested in this program. You will learn to change a few things in your life while continuing on with the things you enjoy.

You will also learn to STOP eating just before you are full.  No more of that “beyond full bloated feeling”.


You will feel better and look better. This is a personal thing.

Gain More Confidence.

It just might Improve your relationship

Just Might Improve your sex life

Are you the same person he/she married?

Have things changed since you had your baby/ies?

Tired of being overweight?

Lack Energy?

Have other symptions that you think might improve when you shed a few pounds/kilos?






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What About Your Vacation?

DSCF0434My buddy and I took a drive up into the mountains in, Mexico.  We went to a small magical city named,  Taxco de Alarcon, or simply called Taxco. The area is known for its silver, both mining and hand crafting it into jewelry, silverware and other items.

The streets are steep and narrow and ,when two cars meet, one of them has to duck into a cove or reverse its way back to a wider spot.  The views are spectacular as well as the old churches. It is unbelievable how they were constructed, years ago, with the steeples so high and, all done by hand.  It is an experience you should see for yourself.

Since we were on vacation, I drank and ate a lot of good food and fine spirits.  Then to top it off came back to Zihuatanejo, and took my lady friend for wonderful Valentines dinner, overlooking the ocean.  Her gift was a few pieces of beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry purchased in Taxco.  Which she loves and, makes them look very beautiful.

It was an awesome few days and will do it again, next time for at least a week.

So… you are beginning to wonder what this is has to do with a lower body fat percentage. Well, I have to admit, my lower body fat percentage is now, a higher body fat percentage.  Ouch!

The next time I visit this town I will stay longer, take proper foot ware, walk up and down those steep streets and hidden alleys and burn off my excess calorie intake. I figure getting to know this quaint little city will take at least a week.

Might even take my lady friend.

For more information on how to vacation and maintain a lower body fat percentage:       ClickHere!

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Your PH Level Is Important Too

There have been many studies done by Doctors and Scientists regarding the PH Level in your system.  From what I have read they all conclude that having a PH level more alkaline than acidic is a lot healthier.  A PH level of 7.0 is considered neutral.

From what I have read I gather that keeping it around there or just slightly  above, say 7.6 or so, puts those dreaded cancer cells in a dormant stage.  That’s were they need to be…and.they need to stay there.

I bought some PH Strips from the local Health Food Store, to check my PH level.  I was down to 5 something..too low. Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks etc etc, lead to a vitamin D and Calcium deficiency.  Thus, messing with our optimum PH level.

Have you even seen or had a very dirty battery in your car?  You can clean it up very nicely by mixing baking soda with water and pouring it on and around the terminals.  It neutralizes the acid build up. Kinda like we need to do to clean up our acidic state.

I bought a BiOCERA, water jug, with a alkaline filter in it that, raises the PH in my drinking water. I keep it in my fridge for daily consumption. Every now and then I mix teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and down it. Usually at night after the evening meal is well digested.

Diet, exercise and watching our PH levels is all part of a lower body fat percentage.

The Fat Burning Furnace is full of similar information and will help you on your quest for a healthier lifestyle.  << Click Here To Start Your Journey !!! >> 

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So, it is the New Year….So What?

First let me start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.  Like amy of us we all made New Years Resolutions.  More money, lose weight, get rid of the negative things in our life, etc etc.  All very important, right?

Probably letting go of the negatives is more important than anything. Things that get you down…maybe a bad relationship or, friends that are not really friends..fair weather friends.  I think it is important to take these problems to task and deal with them. Not to wait until you literally explode and then feel bad about it.  Plan and take decisive steps.

When you are free of these negative feelings in your life that consume much of your time then, you have time to make more money and maybe lose a few pounds with a lower your body fat percentage than you have now.

Think it over and please take the time to check out the fat burning furnace.  You may be surprised on just how easy it is.  When you are back in shape you will feel a lot better about yourself.  Consider this is positive thinking.

Another thing to consider is that New Years Day…is every day.  You do not need to wait.

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My Friends Have Amazing Talent

I have a few friends who do amazing things and deserve recognition.  I hope that you will find something of value that you can use in your stride towards good health and maintaining a healthy balance.

It is time to break away from the big Pharmacies and Companies like Monsanto, who DO NOT have your best interest in mind at all.  Read what you eat and if you cannot pronounce or spell it, probably do not eat it.  Now, that might sound easy but, it is not.  Why, because our citizen protecting Governments get billions of dollars from these Companies to get them elected….

I will be adding more to this section every week or so, so please book mark my site and check back.  Will be adding to it until I run out of friends…if you have products or friends that have discovered a healthier choice please leave a comment in the section at the bottom of this page….think there is one there…

Thank you for taking the time…have a great day and many more…

Meet my crazy French friend and her boyfriend Renier..you might not see him..he is behind the camera and does all the funny stuff you see on the screen


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Make Fitness A Lifetime Resolution

We have survived yet another prediction.  The end of time came and went, as did the turn of the century Y2, or what ever it was called.  You know, when all the computers were supposed to crash..right….

Now we are entering a new year, where we make all kinds of resolutions.  Like getting back in shape.  (We were all  “in shape” at one time in  our lives…I think).

So why not make this new resolution a lifetime resolution.  One thing we can predict is:  if we don’t improve our outlook on health and, lower our body fat percentage, we will most likely, end the life as we know it, sooner than later.  Or, live in misery for awhile.

One of the best ways to stay away from the doctor and the drug store chemicals is to give your body a chance to be able to heal itself.   Get yourself back into the cloths you wore a few years ago.  They are probably in style again anyway.  I know I kept most of mine and now, they fit again…..almost…a little more to go on some of the tighter ones…

Good luck with your quest.

Please click here to check it out.    Click Here!


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How to check your body fat percentage ?



This was my choice for keeping track of my body fat percentage

Tips are :  Cheap, easy to use, consistent, light weight and, good to travel.

I picked up a pair of these from Amazon. If you’re looking to use this method, these worked great for me.


Having a machine measure your body fat percentage is another method. You hold two metal poles and a small electric current is passed through your body to see how dense you are.

It’s a painless procedure but it’s not as accurate as Skin Fold Calipers, because if you’ve drank a lot of water, or you have sweaty hands, it gives a false reading….. your choice!


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Adjusting Habits

Have you ever decided that “tomorrow” or, starting on Monday, that you were going to make a few changes?  Like stop drinking beer in the afternoon, go for walks in the morning or, get back to the gym. Then Monday at 5pm you look at your right hand and, there is a beer in it and potato chips in the other. Trust me, been there done that many times.

Most things have changed since I discovered the Fat Burning Burning Furnace method.  I still fall off the wagon a time or two but don’t beat myself up for it.  Every week there is a new message in my inbox with new suggestions and incentives to keep on track.  I find it easier all the time.  My body fat percentage is lower and continues to drop.

So if you are somewhat like me, you can do it too. It gets easier and more rewarding. So make your habit adjustments a little at a time.  Its ok.

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